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Unbleached Flour / White All-Purpose Flour

Choose either unbleached flour or white all-purpose flour. Best to keep use of this flour to a minimum as it is refined. I will be adding some vital information about white flour to this post in near future....

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The LDS Home Storage Center has white flour in #10 cans, look here for correct pdf form:

We don't buy white flour, but we were able to borrow a portable dry pack canner and pack/seal our own supply of unbleached flour in #10 cans with an oxy pack.  I suggest a 5 year rotation, but it will last longer if storage temperature is low enough, suggest 64° or under. You can tell if the flour isn't good, it will have an "off" smell when opened.

Easy Pizza
This can be all white or unbleached flour, but we like to put in some whole wheat flour. [Personally, I prefer 2 c. whole wheat flour + 1 c. unbleached flour].

Put into a *gallon zip-loc bag:
1 T. dry yeast
3 c. white or unbleached flour
(or 2 c. white/unbleached flour + 1 c. whole wheat flour)
1 tsp. sea salt or salt
1 tsp. sugar

Close/seal bag and shake to combine dry ingredients.

Add; 1 c. lukewarm water + 1 T. olive oil or vegetable oil

Close/seal bag. Squish and knead with hands until smooth dough forms. Do you need to add water a T. at a time? Do you need to add flour a T. at a time? We want to end up with a soft-slightly-medium dough, NOT stiff. When kneading in bag is done (will take about 6 to 8 minutes), keep sealed and wrap in a kitchen towel, let rise right in the zip-loc bag until doubled, this will take around 45 minutes depending upon how warm your kitchen is.  
Punch down right in bag.  I like this method, my hands stay clean!  Prepare pizza pan (we use olive oil for this). Take dough out of bag, press/form into a circle as big as your hands can handle before setting on oiled pan.  Then press dough to size you wish on the oiled pan. 
Actually, this recipe will make two thin 10" to 12" crusts or one 16" regular crust.  
If it is kind of difficult to press out dough on oiled pan, just cover, let sit 5 minutes to rest, then press out again....might have to do that 2 times. Dough is now ready to add sauce and toppings. Bake at 450º on bottom rack of oven for 8 to 12 minutes, watch carefully after 8 minutes [use a spatula to 'pull' up dough to check bottom of crust].

*I like to use freezer gallon bags, they are a bit stronger than just storage type. 

TIP: put dry pizza dough ingredients into bag, seal, make several bags ahead of time.....then just add liquids when ready to make pizza dough.  IF you added some whole wheat flour, keep these dry mixes in the fridge to preserve the w.w.flour......if mix is refrigerated, let it sit out (right in bag) for 30 minutes to come to room temperature, before adding liquids. 

NOTE: this recipe/easy dough method can be used to make bread sticks or dinner rolls. After dough has risen to double in bag, punch down, remove dough from bag, form bread sticks or rolls, place on greased baking pan, cover, let rise until doubled. Bake at 375º (do not bake on bottom rack) until done.....time will vary depending upon what you make.

My next project will be making cinnamon rolls using this recipe and method....

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