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Eggs and Powdered Whole Eggs

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Fresh Eggs:

1- Most eggs purchased at the grocery store will keep fine in fridge for 2 to 4 weeks. When using, break into a small bowl, if egg has an off smell when cracked open, throw it away. This has not happened to me but once or twice in all the years I've been cooking.

2- Put 2 fresh eggs in small bowl, add 1/4 tsp. sea salt (or salt), stir with fork to combine/break yolks (don't need to vigorously stir, just break yolk and slightly mix). Put in zip-loc snack bag, carefully seal with no air. Then put this into another zip-loc snack bag that is labeled with contents and date (2 eggs / date)....this extra bag gives it protection against freezer burn. Lay flat, freeze*. Can freeze for up to 6-7 months.  This is a good way to have eggs for baking. We have also used them for scrambled eggs, omelets, and frittatas, oven pancakes.  If you have recipes that take 3 or 4 eggs, use zip-loc sandwich bags (use same method as 2 eggs, increase salt by 1/8 tsp). I prefer to thaw frozen eggs in fridge overnight.

*we make several baggies at a time, then put them in a gallon zip-loc after they are frozen.

Oven Pancake (also called German Pancake)

First, turn oven on 450°. Put 2 T. olive oil, with 1 T. butter on top of olive oil, into a 9x13 pan (we prefer a glass pan for this), put into oven to heat pan and melt butter/oil until sizzling.

Meanwhile, mix:
4 large eggs
2/3 c. water

Mix the following dry ingredients together, then add to liquids:
1/4 tsp. sea salt
2/3 c. unbleached flour
2 T. dry milk powder

Beat all just to combine until smoothish.  

Using hot pads, take hot pan with sizzling butter/oil out of oven and swirl the hot mixture to cover bottom of pan.  
Pour batter into hot pan in a spiral motion. Put in oven, bake 15 NOT open oven door.  Pancake will puff up and brown very golden on edges.  
As soon as removed from oven it deflates somewhat, this is normal. Serve immediately. Makes 2 to 4 servings.
Some people like syrup, or sprinkle with lemon juice and powdered sugar, some like it plain.  

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See how it puffs when baked? Again, do NOT open oven door while this type of pancake is baking!

The following 2 storage methods are for FRESH farm eggs only:

3- This  ONLY works if using fresh farm *eggs that have not been washed: wipe each egg gently with a dry cloth, do NOT use water.  Put a dime sized amount of mineral oil (we found this at Walmart) in palm of hand.  Gently and thoroughly cover farm egg with the mineral oil, set in egg pointed side down in carton.  These will store in refrigerator for up to 6 months. We did this when we had a source for buying fresh farm eggs. IF egg has an off smell when cracked open, throw it away (this never happened to us, but is a safety measure just in case).

*When a chicken lays an egg, it has a natural coating on it known as the bloom. This bloom is a layer of protection for the egg which keeps out oxygen as well as harmful bacteria and germs. It’s very, very common for those who raise chickens for their eggs to collect them and then keep them on the counter until they are ready to use—not put them in the refrigerator........found here:

4- This ONLY works if using fresh farm eggs that have not been washed. Water Glass Eggs: I have a friend that raises chickens, she uses this method as they have plenty of extra eggs.....fresh farm eggs not over a day or two old, not washed.  She buys the sodium silicate solution from a local pharmacy that orders it for her.  Google water glass eggs, do research before trying this method.

During the early 20th century, water glass was used with considerable success. Water glass, a bacteria-resistant solution of sodium silicate, discouraged the entrance of spoilage organisms and evaporation of water from eggs. It didn’t penetrate the eggshell, imparted no odor or taste to the eggs and was considered to have somewhat antiseptic properties. However, it did a rather poor job at relatively high storage temperatures. Eggs preserved in a water-glass solution and stored in a cool place keep 8 to 9 months (from Eggcyclopedia)

5- Pickled Eggs
Of course, if you don't like the way this gentleman makes them, google for another method. The Amish probably have some good recipes for pickled eggs. Feel free to leave us your recipe in the comments!

Dried Whole Eggs
Easy to use in baking. Also in mixes such as whole wheat pancake mix.....then just need to add water!! Some people do use them to make scrambled eggs, omelets, etc.

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Several companies offer dried whole egg powder in #10 cans. I like Honeyville because they have a low shipping cost of under $5.00 for entire order.  Storage life is 3 years in cool, dry place unopened.  After opening the can, keep lid on when not using and put in fridge.....I have used them like this for up to 1 year opened.  The amount of whole egg powder + water to use will probably be on the can......companies may vary in the amounts suggested.  I wait for Honeyville to send me an email for 20% off, then buy these, as they are a bit spendy. But so nice to have on hand.  Think carefully about how many #10 cans to keep in your storage.....will you use and rotate them within the 3 years??  

Formula for using dried whole egg powder as given on this blog;

2 T. dried whole egg powder + 3 T. water = 1 egg

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