Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Food Storage thought questions: what do you already have in your current food supply that will allow you to make some of the recipes on this blog? Have you decided what your next purchase of food storage items will be?

Spice Up Your Meals!
[spices/herbs/flavorings, etc]

What are we striving to accomplish with this entire blog?? Learning how to store and use basic food storage items to make recipes that have:


The list we are building recipes around consists mainly of foods that can be stored for a long time.  This is smart planning on our part:

Up to 30 years:
Quick oatmeal
Rice, white long grain
Popcorn (see notes on that post)
Spaghetti noodles
Black beans
Pinto beans
White beans
Red beans 
Brown or green lentils
Sugar and powdered sugar
Dried apple slices
Dried chopped onions
Potato flakes
Honey (in plastic, do not buy in metal cans for storing)

up to 20 years:
Nonfat dry milk powder

Then we add to this list to make meals that will taste good, contain fiber, and have nutritional value.  We experiment with ways that can enhance the flavors of what we can make with our basics. Some of the foods we choose will not be the best fresh foods we are blessed with on a daily basis right now, but we will want to have some kind of a version of them available. Plus the all
important....know how to use them and integrate them into meals.  

For example, let's take potato flakes....then find ways to make them taste as good as possible because in our life emergencies we might not be able to have fresh potatoes. But to have the taste may be comforting.

Here is a post that I like, she talks about adding to basics (scroll towards bottom of post):


Also, having a variety of spices, herbs, flavorings, etc. will truly help us achieve so much more when using basic storage items.

I suggest to buy these one or two a week as you purchase other food storage items, so the cost is spread out instead of all at once.... Here is my list to share. Most of these are dried/crushed or ground. You might already have a list tailored to you/yours:

sea salt (we use this for our salt. Table salt will work, but 
I did research many years ago that led me to choose sea salt)

chicken bouillon

beef bouillon


celery seed
chicken/tomato bouillon 
chili powder
dill weed
garam masala

dried garlic bits 

garlic granules or powder
italian seasoning
lemon pepper
montreal steak seasoning
onion granules or powder
crushed oregano
crushed red pepper flakes
ground sage
dried tarragon

true lemon and true lime (see dry beans post for link)

True Lemon 2.85 Ounce         True Lime Shaker, 2.85 Ounces

apple cider vinegar

lemon juice concentrate
soy sauce
liquid smoke
worcestershire sauce


cinnamon sticks
vanilla extract
almond extract

dried mushrooms 
(found these at Costco in seasoning section)

diced green chilis, 4 oz. can

whole or sliced water chestnuts (good substitute for celery in fried rice/stir fry) 

Image result for canned water chestnuts images


Also: baking items such as cocoa powder and chocolate chips, etc.

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