Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nonfat Dry Milk

[This is NOT instant dry milk]

I prefer this to the instant dry milk in all usages except milk to drink. Having tested both kinds for drinking, we preferred milk made from the instant dry milk [reconstituted and chilled]. My sister started adding a little reconstituted nonfat dry milk to her family's regular milk, increasing it a bit at a time until she was making entire gallons just from the dry milk. This gave their tastes time to slowly make the change and they had no idea she was doing this!! 

Dry Milk tutorial, includes a recipe for Hot Cinnamon Milk:


Nonfat dry milk is so easy to use in baking: 

My formula is 3 to 4 T. dry milk powder (non-instant) to 1 cup of water.   

Thus, put the dry milk in with dry ingredients

and the water in with liquid recipe ingredients


NOTE: If wanting to mix the dry part of a recipe ahead, be sure to stir the dry milk into other dry ingredients thoroughly, as it tends to clump/go hard if not well incorporated.

We buy, use, and rotate our dry milk supply from the LDS Home Storage Center. 
The LDS Home Storage Center sells dry milk in mylar bags. Storage life is 20 years with proper conditions. Nice thing about dry milk if you think it's too old or spoiled, don't throw it out, instead use it as a garden fertilizer. 

I have a container with lid that fits one mylar bag of nonfat dry milk at a time, to keep in my kitchen for regular use of the dry powdered milk.  We use it in all baking as well as many other recipes. 

Already posted the recipe for 'White Sauce in a Jar' (see it on the Quick Oatmeal post). What else can dry milk be used for???

Rice n' raisins breakfast crock pot pudding
In breakfast cereals such as instant oatmeal
In homemade bisquick-type mixes
Oven Pancakes
Scalloped potatoes
Potato soup base
Use in baked goods and where recipes ask for milk
Homemade evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk
Dry pudding mixes
In yogurt making
Have also seen recipes to use in cheese making, but haven't ventured there yet.  If any of you reading this have done so, please share your links and ideas.

White sauce in a jar for: (see quick oatmeal post on this blog)
'cream of' soups
cheese soup
nacho cheese sauce
cream gravy 
and more.......

Here's another version of cream sauce called "SOS [Soup or Sauce MIx]", they (USU) have a lot of helps for food and storage:


And still another method for making 'cream soups'.  It is richer/higher fat than my 'white sauce in a jar', but I want to try it.  I will always strive to share things with you that I find online to give more choices, while striving to stay within the plan and list:



Small Batch of Bisquick-Type Mix

Perhaps could use more whole wheat flour than I have listed, but would not suggest using all whole wheat flour as it will have a tendency to easily crumble when cooked or baked, depends on what you're using the 'bisquick' for.

1 and 1/2 c. unbleached or white flour
1 c. whole wheat flour
1/4 c. dry milk powder
2 T. baking powder
1/2 T. sugar (can use more if preferred)
1/2 tsp. sea salt

1/3 c. shortening (*Crisco or Spectrum)

Mix the flours, dry milk, baking powder, sugar, and salt together. Cut in shortening until mixture is of a 'cornmeal' consistency. [You can just squish it/work it with your hands if you don't have a dough/pastry blender].  

*I prefer Crisco instead of store brands.....I have stored both over the years, the Crisco seems to store longer.
*Have used Spectrum and it worked just like shortening.



1 c. unbleached or white flour
(I prefer 2/3 c. unbleached flour + 1/3 c. whole wheat flour)

2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt or table salt
2 T. dry milk powder*
1/2 c. water
2 T. oil

Mix flour, baking powder, salt, dry milk.  Mix water and oil, add to the dry ingredients, stir just to moisten (do not over stir). Drop dough by mounded Tablespoonful on top of bubbling stew that is fully cooked. Cover, bring to a boil, then reduce heat, simmer for 10 to 13 minutes (do not lift lid until done).

*if using instant dry milk, double the amount.....as stated, I use non-instant nonfat dry milk for all baking purposes, thus any recipe I share that says dry milk will be the non-instant dry powdered milk from LDS Home Storage Center. 

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